Belated New Year’s Resolution

Is… To write more! Not just in the blogosphere, but for my own personal enrichment.
My main NYR is to go a whole year without buying any clothing. This may sound daunting for some, but I seriously have too much clothing. I even have clothes with the price tag still on them. I wear a uniform 5 days a week and the other 2 days, I’m wearing the same pair of jeans (again) and any one of my many hoodies or some workout clothing.
I hope to save lots of money and prove that we can, in fact, make due with what we already have. I’m no fashionista (see the aforementioned jeans and hoodie combo), so its not important for me to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. Besides, with my wardrobe, I can improvise just fine.


Alone, Apathetic… Appreciative.

Written in my poor handwriting yesterday:

Today is Tuesday, October 30, 2012 and its just about the coldest day I’ve ever experienced in Carmel. I’m surrounded by a thick fog; both literally and figuratively. The fog outside is so thick I can barely see across the street. Its the kind of fog that’s so cold it goes all the way into your bones. The fog inside is thick and stagnant with a generally apathetic attitude towards people and things and life in general.

Its nearly 6pm and I have yet to have a customer. I see people on the street milling about wearing down coats, hats, and scarves. They peer inside the windows but probably assume I’m closed. Wouldn’t you? This place looks like a tomb. It also doesn’t help that I’m hiding behind the counter trying to cram for what will probably be another failed physiology test (re: apathy).

Today is the kind of day when anything can make me sad. Even seen a tubby little English Bulldog waddle by in a pumpkin costume made me sad. Now that I have my first customer here, I’m sad. A little old lady sitting by the fire, alone, with a glass of Chianti and book by William Faulkner. I’m sad that she’s alone, that I’m alone, that we’re both here together, but alone.

Addendum: Wedneday, October 31, 2012
Looking back on yesterday, I realize that I was clearly feeling down. I know that attitudes can shift. Mine certainly have since yesterday. The fog has lifted (inside, not outside). I know I can be down sometimes, but my life really isn’t something to be sad about. True, I’m not where I want to be, but I have time to get there. In the meantime, I just need to look for the positive in every day and be appreciative.

Things to do when you’re feeling like crap; either mentally, physically, or both

“Did you know that every species has a way of anesthetizing itself, even if its banging its head on a rock?” (‘Mumford’ 1999)

I wish that when I’m feeling down or run down, that I could just go to sleep. But since the root of most of my issues is that I can’t sleep like a normal person, I’ve devised a few different ways to cope:

1) NO NOT go on Facebook. For me, its just a reminder that I’m not cool enough for invites out with the social circle that I’m barely in anyway.
2) Take a Xanax
3) Take a Xanax and have a drink
4) Take a Xanax, have a drink, and watch ‘Fight Club.’ While its not the most uplifting movie ever, it makes you feel better because you are not in that situation (minus the insomnia).
5) Look up HIlarious texts gone wrong at
Yes, I’m sure most of them are made up, but their still freakin hilarious.
6) When the Xanax, drinks, and ‘Fight Club’ have kicked in, try to get some rest. If not, appreciate what you have. Seriously, no matter how bad you’re feeling about life, there has to be about one person out there that has it worse than you.
7) Remember: this too shall pass

I Live in London Time

I’ve recently returned from a trip to England. I have friends and family over there that I’ve kept in touch with over the years since I did a year abroad and I try to make it back every couple of years or so.

There is an 8-hour time difference between Greenwich Mean Time and Pacific Standard Time. When I was going to school in the UK, I made a little chart of the time difference so I wasn’t calling people in the middle of the night and just as general reference. For example: “when it is 8am here, it is 12am in California; when it is 6pm here, it is 10am in California…etc…” you get the point.

Basically what this means, is when people in the UK are getting up in the morning, we’re considering turning in for the night. Conversely, when they are going to bed, we’re probably close to getting up. So what does this mean? When all you normal people on PST are going to bed, I’m ready to start my day! I slept like a normal person while I was over there! It was amazing!

Its just a theory, its probably wrong.

All that aside, I had a wonderful trip. I got to run around London dressed as a pirate, see some great sites, visit lovely friends, see the British countryside of Devon and East Sussex, and drink plenty of cider!

Here are some pictures to amuse you:

My British Fam


PIrates in London


Friend Street


British Museum


Sneaking in a Photo at the Tate Modern


A Very Touristy Shot


Lucy and I in Picadilly Circus


Visiting My Buddies in Exeter


Wrong-Side-of-the-Road Road Trip


Bodiam Castle


A Jolly Good Game of BadmintonChalk Farm Road